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Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular in the U.S?

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular in the U.S?

Are you curious about where disc golf is most popular in the U.S.? Look no further! This article explores the top locations in the United States where disc golf has truly taken off. From picturesque mountain ranges to bustling urban parks, discover the places where disc golf enthusiasts flock to unleash their flying discs and immerse themselves in this beloved sport. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, get ready to explore the hotspots of disc golf in the U.S.!

Disc Golf Basics

What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a fun and exciting outdoor sport that combines elements of traditional golf and frisbee. Instead of using clubs and golf balls, you play with specially designed flying discs or discs that are similar to the frisbee. The objective of the game is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible, just like in golf.

How is it played?

Disc golf is played on a course consisting of a series of holes, typically 9 or 18. Each hole has a designated tee area from where you start your throw. The challenge is to navigate the course, avoiding obstacles, such as trees and water hazards, and reach the target, which is usually a metal basket with chains called a pole hole. Players throw their discs from the tee area and continue throwing from where the disc lands until it comes to rest in the pole hole.

What are the rules?

Disc golf follows a set of rules to ensure fair play and consistency across different courses and tournaments. The basic rules include:

  1. Tee Throws: Each hole begins with a tee throw. The player must have at least one supporting point on the designated tee area when throwing.
  2. Fairway Throws: After the tee throw, the player must throw from the spot where their previous throw landed until their disc comes to rest.
  3. Out-of-Bounds and Penalty Throws: If a player’s disc goes out-of-bounds, they must take a penalty throw from a designated relief area. The penalty is one stroke added to their score.
  4. Completion of a Hole: A hole is considered completed when the player successfully lands their disc in the pole hole. The number of throws taken to complete the hole is recorded as the player’s score.
  5. Courtesy and Etiquette: Players should follow common courtesy and respect other players’ turns, avoid distractions, and maintain a reasonable pace to keep the game enjoyable for everyone.

Growth of Disc Golf

Rising popularity

Disc golf has experienced a significant rise in popularity in recent years. The sport appeals to a wide range of individuals, from casual players looking for outdoor recreation to competitive athletes seeking a challenging game. Its low cost, accessibility, and inclusive nature have contributed to its increasing popularity among people of all ages and skill levels.

Factors influencing growth

Several factors have contributed to the growth of disc golf. Firstly, more courses have been developed across the country, making the sport more accessible to a larger audience. Additionally, the ease of learning and playing disc golf compared to traditional golf has drawn many individuals to give it a try. The affordability of disc golf equipment and the ability to play in public parks without needing expensive memberships have also made it an attractive option for recreational activities.

Professional disc golf

As the popularity of disc golf has grown, so has the level of competition and the number of professional players. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), established in 1976, has played a crucial role in organizing and promoting the professional side of the sport. Professional disc golf tournaments attract both dedicated players and enthusiastic spectators who enjoy watching skilled athletes compete at the highest level.

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular In The U.S.?

Popular Disc Golf States


California is a hotspot for disc golf enthusiasts. With its diverse terrain and pleasant year-round weather, it offers a fantastic environment for playing the sport. The state boasts numerous well-designed courses, including iconic ones like DeLaveaga Park and La Mirada Regional Park. The vibrant disc golf community in California hosts regular tournaments and events, attracting players from across the country.


Texas is another state where disc golf has gained immense popularity. The Lone Star State offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from desert courses in West Texas to heavily wooded ones in the eastern part of the state. Austin, in particular, has become a disc golf mecca, with its flourishing disc golf scene and world-class courses like Roy G. Guerrero and Circle C Metropolitan Park.


Oregon is widely regarded as one of the best destinations for disc golf in the United States. With its stunning natural beauty and a multitude of courses that cater to every skill level, it’s no wonder disc golf has thrived here. Milo McIver State Park near Portland and Whistler’s Bend Park in Roseburg are just two examples of the exceptional disc golf courses that draw players from all around.


Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant disc golf community make it a prime spot for disc golf enthusiasts. Boasting a mix of mountainous, wooded, and open courses, the state offers a diverse array of playing experiences. Courses like Beaver Ranch in Conifer and Bucksnort Disc Golf Course in Pine provide challenging layouts set amidst stunning scenery, making Colorado a popular choice for disc golfers.


Florida’s warm climate, abundance of public parks, and thriving disc golf community have established the state as a disc golf destination. With courses ranging from beachside layouts to heavily wooded ones, Florida caters to all playing preferences. The Clearwater Disc Golf Course and Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake in Orlando are just a couple of the many renowned courses that attract locals and visitors alike.

Disc Golf Courses by Region

West Coast

The West Coast of the United States is renowned for its picturesque disc golf courses and the vibrant disc golf culture that thrives there. This region boasts a mix of challenging mountain courses, serene coastal layouts, and scenic wooded courses. Whether you’re in California, Oregon, or Washington, you’ll find a wide range of courses that provide stunning views and exciting gameplay.


The South is home to a diverse selection of disc golf courses that cater to various skill levels and play styles. From challenging championship-caliber courses to beginner-friendly layouts, the region offers something for everyone. States like Texas, Florida, and Georgia have particularly developed disc golf scenes, with a great number of well-maintained courses and a passionate community of players.


The Northeastern region of the United States offers a mix of urban and rural disc golf courses, providing players with diverse playing environments. From the metropolitan courses in New York City and Boston to the tranquil wooded layouts in upstate New York and Vermont, disc golfers in the Northeast can find a wide variety of courses suitable for all levels of play.


The Midwest boasts a strong disc golf tradition, with a multitude of top-notch courses scattered across the states. The region offers a mix of scenic courses in state parks, college campuses, and public parks. Whether you’re in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota, you’ll find well-designed courses that challenge your skills while immersing you in the beauty of the heartland.

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular In The U.S.?

Celebrities and Disc Golf

Famous disc golf enthusiasts

Disc golf has garnered a following among celebrities from various industries who share a passion for the sport. Prominent disc golf enthusiasts include musicians Justin Bieber and Dave Matthews, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk. These influential figures contribute to the sport’s visibility and help generate interest among their fan base.

Celebrity disc golf tournaments

In addition to individual participation, celebrities have also organized disc golf tournaments to raise funds for charitable causes. The annual “Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup” held in California, organized by three-time disc golf world champion Nate Doss, attracts both professional players and celebrity guests. These tournaments not only showcase the sport but also provide an opportunity for celebrities to engage with fans in a friendly and competitive setting.

Top Disc Golf Cities

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is not only known for its bustling entertainment industry but also for its thriving disc golf scene. The city offers a variety of well-maintained courses, including the iconic DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz and the scenic Oak Grove Disc Golf Course in Pasadena. With its diverse range of courses and active disc golf community, Los Angeles is an excellent destination for disc golf enthusiasts.

Austin, TX

Austin has emerged as a top destination for disc golf enthusiasts, with its favorable climate and a plethora of exceptional courses. Disc golfers flock to renowned courses like Roy G. Guerrero and Circle C Metropolitan Park, which offer challenging layouts set amidst the beauty of the Texas landscape. The city’s vibrant disc golf culture and regular tournaments make it a must-visit for any disc golf lover.

Portland, OR

Portland is widely regarded as one of the best disc golf cities in the country, thanks to its extensive selection of courses and a passionate disc golf community. Courses such as Pier Park and Blue Lake Regional Park provide challenging layouts in beautiful surroundings. Moreover, Portland’s commitment to sustainability and outdoor recreation make it an ideal city for disc golf enthusiasts.

Denver, CO

Denver’s strategic location, nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, offers disc golfers a stunning backdrop for their rounds. The city and its surrounding areas are home to some of the best courses in the state, including Beaver Ranch and Bucksnort Disc Golf Course. With its active disc golf scene and breathtaking natural scenery, Denver has cemented its position as a top disc golf city.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte has gained recognition as a premier disc golf city, and for good reason. The city is home to several world-class courses, such as Renaissance Park and Hornets Nest Park, which challenge players with their unique layouts and demanding shots. The Charlotte Disc Golf Club hosts regular events and tournaments that attract both local players and visitors alike, further solidifying the city’s reputation as a disc golf hotbed.

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular In The U.S.?

Disc Golf in College

Disc golf as a collegiate sport

Disc golf has gained traction as a collegiate sport, with numerous universities offering disc golf programs and teams. These teams compete in college disc golf tournaments sanctioned by the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships (NCDGC). The sport provides college students with an opportunity to represent their schools and compete against other disc golf enthusiasts from across the country.

Top disc golf colleges

Several colleges have established themselves as powerhouses in the world of collegiate disc golf. Schools like Augusta University, Oregon State University, and Western Washington University boast formidable disc golf programs with accomplished athletes. These colleges not only prioritize the development of their players but also contribute to the overall growth and recognition of disc golf as a collegiate sport.

Disc Golf Organizations

Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is the leading organization in the sport of disc golf. Founded in 1976, the PDGA has been instrumental in establishing rules, organizing tournaments, and promoting the growth of disc golf on a professional level. The PDGA is responsible for sanctioning and governing professional disc golf events and maintaining player rankings and statistics.

Disc Golf Foundation

The Disc Golf Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on promoting and advancing the sport of disc golf through various initiatives. It aims to introduce disc golf to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, support the development of new courses and programs, and provide resources and education for players, course designers, and organizers. The Disc Golf Foundation plays a vital role in fostering the growth of disc golf at all levels.

Disc Golf United (DGU)

Disc Golf United (DGU) is an online platform that provides services to disc golfers, course directors, tournament directors, and disc golf retailers. It offers online registration and scoring services for tournaments, a comprehensive database of courses and ratings, and a marketplace for disc golf equipment. DGU has helped streamline and enhance the disc golf experience for players and organizers, contributing to the sport’s growth and accessibility.

Where Is Disc Golf Most Popular In The U.S.?

Disc Golf Events

PDGA National Tour

The PDGA National Tour is a series of elite disc golf tournaments held throughout the United States. These events attract the top professional players from around the world and showcase the highest level of competition in the sport. The PDGA National Tour aims to bring disc golf to different regions and provide players with challenging courses and substantial prize purses.

United States Disc Golf Championship

The United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC) is one of the most prestigious disc golf events in the world. Held annually in South Carolina, it brings together top professional disc golfers to compete for the coveted title. The USDGC features a unique format and challenging course, testing the skills and endurance of the players. The event garners significant attention and crowns a true champion of the sport.

Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open

The Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open is a premier disc golf tournament held in Central Illinois. Known for its generous cash prizes and strong field of competitors, the event attracts professional players from all over. The tournament is renowned for its well-designed courses and its commitment to giving back to the disc golf community through various charitable initiatives.

Future of Disc Golf

Projected growth

The future of disc golf looks promising, with projections indicating continued growth and popularity. As more individuals discover the joys of the sport, the demand for courses, equipment, and professional events is expected to increase. The affordability and accessibility of disc golf, coupled with its appeal to a wide range of players, make it well-positioned for sustained growth in the years to come.

New developments in the sport

The sport of disc golf is constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations driving its development. Manufacturers are continuously designing and refining discs to enhance players’ performance and improve the overall experience. Course designers are experimenting with new layouts and incorporating unique features to challenge players creatively. Additionally, advancements in live streaming and media coverage are making professional disc golf more accessible to fans around the world, contributing to the sport’s growth and popularity.

Disc golf has come a long way since its inception, and its future holds exciting possibilities. With its accessible nature, diverse range of courses, and passionate community of players and organizations, disc golf is poised to continue thriving and engaging both casual enthusiasts and competitive athletes alike. So grab a disc, head to the nearest course, and experience the joy of disc golf for yourself – a sport that combines outdoor fun, friendly competition, and the thrill of sending a disc flying through the air towards its target.

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