What Driver Loft Does Dustin Johnson Use?

What Driver Loft Does Dustin Johnson Use?

If you’re looking to gain some insight into the driver loft of professional golfer Dustin Johnson, you’ve come to the right place. As a golfer striving for mastery, understanding the equipment choices made by top players can provide valuable knowledge and inspiration for your own game.

When it comes to his driver, Johnson opts for the TaylorMade Stealth Plus with a loft of 10.5 degrees. This particular model is designed with fast swingers and consistent ball-strikers in mind, offering features such as a weight track that helps control spin and adjust shot shape.

With its carbon face and Twist Face technology, this driver delivers exceptional performance even on off-center strikes, resulting in impressive ball speed, carry, and total distance. It’s no wonder that the TaylorMade Stealth Plus has garnered positive reviews among Tour players like Johnson himself.

So, let’s dive deeper into Johnson’s driver setup and explore the factors contributing to his driving success.

Key Takeaways

  • Dustin Johnson currently uses the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver.
  • The Stealth Plus driver is designed for fast swingers and consistent ball-strikers.
  • The driver features a weight track in the front that helps control spin and can be adjusted for shot shape.
  • Johnson keeps his weight track in the neutral setting.

The Importance of Driver Loft in Golf

The loft of a driver is the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and affects distance. A higher loft implies a higher ball flight, which can be beneficial in clearing obstacles on the golf course. Moreover, the loft of a driver also influences the spin of the golf ball. Golfer’s swing speed and attack angle, coupled with the driver loft play a critical role in determining the optimal driver loft for each individual golfer.

Dustin Johnson, renowned as one of golf’s longest drivers, leverages loft to maximize his distance and manage the spin on his shots.

Impact of Loft on Distance and Accuracy

When contemplating the impact of driver loft on distance and accuracy, the rule of thumb states that a higher loft attributes to increased accuracy but may curtail distance. Conversely, a lower loft can augment distance but may compromise on accuracy due to a lower launch angle.

Interestingly, in Dustin Johnson’s case, he utilizes more loft in his driver than an average professional golfer, which, as per standard golf metrics, seems contrary. However, thanks to his unique swing, Johnson manages to achieve both distance and accuracy through higher loft.

Golfers like Johnson who possess a high swing speed and steeper attack angle can benefit from a higher loft. As the swing speed increases, the ball’s spin decreases, and a higher loft works to compensate for the reduction in spin, thus increasing the total distance.

In essence, understanding how the driver loft interacts with your individual swing characteristics can significantly impact your golf game’s efficacy. In the subsequent sections, we will delve deeper into discussing Dustin Johnson’s unique driver loft, which has significantly contributed to his success on the course.

In the world of golf, understanding the technical aspects, such as the driver loft, dramatically impacts a player’s game. As demonstrated by Dustin Johnson, sometimes, contradicting the standard rules, when aligned with one’s unique playstyle, can bring about remarkable success.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all in golf, and the choice of driver loft, as in Dustin Johnson’s case, should be made considering an individual’s swing characteristics.

Dustin Johnson’s Driver Setup

Known for his driving distance that frequently lands him in the top 10 since turning professional in 2007, Dustin Johnson has established himself as a force to reckon with on the golf course. But what’s the secret behind his impressive long ball off the tee? The answer lies largely in Dustin Johnson’s driver setup.

In 2023, Johnson uses the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, designed with high-speed swingers and accurate ball-strikers in mind. The driver’s weight track can be altered to control spin and adjust shot shapes, though Johnson prefers a neutral setting. Additionally, Twist Face technology offers forgiveness on off-center hits, while the larger carbon face contributes to lower spins.

Selection Process

In his quest for the perfect club to unleash his powerful drives, DJ goes through a meticulous selection process. He explores different options and remains open-minded.

Dustin Johnson’s driver selection is influenced by several factors that contribute to his ultimate choice. He understands the importance of using enough loft, which is often overlooked by amateur golfers. Johnson emphasizes that loft plays a crucial role in controlling spin and achieving optimal distance and accuracy off the tee.

When it comes to Dustin Johnson’s driver preferences, he initially considered the TaylorMade SIM Max but ultimately settled on the TaylorMade SIM. He prefers a neutral driver face position to avoid any negative effects on accuracy and distance caused by an open face. This allows him to maximize both distance and control off the tee.

Analysis of loft adjustments and their effects

Contrary to what many may believe, Johnson uses a substantial loft on his driver. Even with his average driving distance of 311 yards in 2020, he relies on a driver with a 10.5-degree loft from TaylorMade SLDR line during the WGC-HSBC Championships, which he won.

Research on Dustin Johnson’s driver loft settings

This might be surprising given the speed and distance Johnson achieves. However, it’s a strategy that delivers for him, as Johnson’s loft setting optimizes his launch conditions, maximizing his driving distance and accuracy.

Analysis of how Dustin Johnson’s driver loft affects his driving distance and accuracy

Using a driver with higher loft allows Johnson to maintain an impressive distance while improving his accuracy. The launch angle, which is significantly impacted by the loft, influences the trajectory and, consequently, the landing position of the ball.

Comparison of Dustin Johnson’s driver loft with other professional golfers

Interestingly, Johnson’s loft setting differs from many of his peers. While some professional golfers opt for lower lofts to reduce backspin and increase distance, Johnson’s strategy proves that a higher loft can indeed yield the perfect combination of speed, distance, and accuracy.

In conclusion, understanding Johnson’s driver loft is a glimpse into the strategies of professional golfers. It shows that factors like loft settings can have a significant impact and can be optimized based on individual play styles, swing speeds, and golf course conditions.

TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

Rory McIlroy's TaylorMade Stealth Plus
TaylorMade Stealth Plus

One can’t talk about the best driver lofts without mentioning the companies that tailor these lofts to suit individual golfers’ needs. A standout in this regard is TaylorMade, specifically their Stealth Plus Driver.

Specs and features of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver

The TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver sports a layered carbon fiber face, which the company refers to as the Carbonwood Age technology. It is a product of TaylorMade’s 20 years of determination and hard work. Noteworthy is the driver’s sliding weight track and Loft Sleeve, boasting a 10-gram sliding weight that can be tweaked to fine-tune your preferred shot shape. It is an innovative creation designed to provide unprecedented distance.

Research on Dustin Johnson’s driver loft preference

Professional golfer Dustin Johnson uses a Stealth 2 Plus 10.5 loft, mainly adjusted to a higher Loft Sleeve of 11.5*. Also, his weight track choice veers towards the draw with a 15g weight. It’s apt to mention that driver loft preferences can differ significantly among golfers, depending on swing speed, launch angle, and other personal playing styles.

Analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of different driver lofts

Different driver lofts cater to varying player needs. Higher driver lofts can produce more lift and are best suited for players with slower swing speeds, while lower loft options offer less spin and are perfect for fast swingers. A potential downside may be reduced control for faster swingers if the loft is too high, while slower swingers might struggle with distance on lower lofts.

Comparison of Dustin Johnson’s driver loft with other professional golfers

Like Dustin Johnson, there are other professional golfers who prefer a driver loft of around 10 to 11 degrees, such as Rory McIlroy. On the other hand, Tiger Woods typically uses a driver loft of 9 degrees, while Phil Mickelson has experimented with lofts as high as 8 degrees. The sweet spot generally lies between 9 to 12 degrees for most pros.

Benefits of the weight track and carbon face technology in loft customization

The weight track and carbon face technology such as those present in the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver enable tailored loft adjustment. This design innovation allows golfers to fine-tune their shot shape and distance to their exact playing preferences, leading to better performance on the course.

Impact of Loft on Dustin Johnson’s Game

What Driver Loft Does Dustin Johnson Use?
Image: Gettyimages

A crucial aspect that contributes to Dustin Johnson’s impressive drive is his choice of loft. Despite being a powerhouse player, Johnson opts for a loft that may surprise many golfers, a choice that may well be a key to his success.

How loft affects Dustin Johnson’s ball flight and shot shape

Many may assume that a player with Johnson’s strength and clubhead speed would opt for a low-lofted driver, but that notion is far from reality. Johnson’s golf club, a TaylorMade SIM driver, measures 11 degrees. Why so much loft? Keith Sbarbaro, VP of Tour Operations for TaylorMade, who has been Johnson’s club fitter throughout his career, explains that Johnson delofts his driver on the downswing resulting in a low ball flight. Therefore, he requires a driver with more loft.

For Johnson, an 11-degree driver spinning at 2200 rpm on a fade shot is much more controllable than a 9 or 10-degree driver spinning at a rapid 1500 rpm. Hence, the higher loft.

Comparison of loft settings with other professional golfers

Many players on the driving distance leaderboard use drivers with much less loft than Johnson. The common assumption is that more speed requires less loft. However, Johnson’s technique proves otherwise. He demonstrates that using a driver with more loft can control the ball’s flight better and even result in more distance.

Dustin Johnson Vs Other Pros

  • Driver loft: 11° Vs 9°-10°
  • Average driving distance: 311 yards Vs 305 yards

It’s evident that club fitting is very golfer-specific and should be tailored to an individual’s swing and technique. Johnson’s illustrative example shows that the loft of a driver is not just about raw speed but more about striking the right balance between swing technique, speed, and controlling the shape and trajectory of the shot.

In conclusion, don’t shy away from enough loft on your driver. Johnson’s game clearly demonstrates that using a driver with the right amount of loft can lead to more significant success on the golf course. Whether you’re a professional golfer or an amateur, taking a page from Johnson’s book might just improve your driving game.

Performance of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus Driver

When choosing a driver, it’s crucial to look for one that guarantees excellent performance in terms of distance and forgiveness. On that note, let’s delve into the performance of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, a popular choice among professionals for its commendable distance and accuracy.

Review of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver’s performance in terms of distance and forgiveness

The TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver stands out for its distance and forgiveness. According to TaylorMade, this driver has been under development for two decades. As part of TaylorMade’s “Carbonwood Age,” the driver features a layered carbon fiber face, which is lighter and larger than previous titanium faces.

Its cutting-edge Speed Pocket technology improves sole flexibility, which increases ball speed and forgiveness low on the face. Moreover, the driver’s design includes a nanotexture technology covering, which optimizes launch and spin, increasing the club’s overall performance.

It’s important to note, however, that the driver’s low spin and lower launch design require a faster swing speed. This might make it less forgiving when mis-hit. Yet, for experienced players with well-developed swings, this shouldn’t be a significant issue.

Feedback from professional golfers using the same driver model

Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy, and Scottie Scheffler are just a few of the professional golfers who have endorsed and used the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver in professional tournaments.

At the Open LIV event, Dustin Johnson used the TaylorMade Stealth driver showcasing its high performance. Additionally, Collin Morikawa was seen using the Stealth Plus model. The feedback from these professionals has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the driver’s distance and forgiveness.

In conclusion, the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver shines in terms of distance, forgiveness, and enhanced ball speed. It’s a favorite among professional golfers, and casual golf enthusiasts might find it just as beneficial for their gameplay. However, its design catering to fast swing speeds might not be suitable for beginners or players with slower swing speeds. Always make sure to consider your own skill level and golfing style when choosing a driver.

Comparison to Other Driver Models

While the loft of Dustin Johnson’s TaylorMade SIM driver is considerably high, golfers should remember that loft decision is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Different driver models and brand offer various lofts to cater to every golfer’s unique swing speed, angle trajectory, and playing style. Here are some notable examples:

Callaway Epic MAX: This highly-adjustable driver comes with loft ranges from 9 to 12 degrees, perfect for players who prefer more significant ball flight control.

Ping G425 LST: Ping’s low-spin tech driver presents 9 and 10.5-degree loft options, catering to golfers aiming to reduce ball spin and increase distance.

Titleist TSi2 and TSi3: Known for their speed optimization, these models offer 8, 9, and 10-degree versions, delivering exceptional distance and speed for experienced golfers.

Analysis of Loft Options Available in Other Driver Models

Selecting the right golf driver loft is chiefly a matter of balancing distance and control:

Higher Lofts (10.5 – 13 degrees) – Recommended for beginners or those with slower swing speeds (less than 90 mph). Higher loft drivers assist in achieving greater carry distance.

Mid Range Lofts (9.5 – 10.5 degrees) – Ideal for mid-level players with average swing speeds.

Lower Lofts (less than 9.5 degrees) – These are typically chosen by advanced golfers with high swing speeds (over 110 mph) looking for lower, penetrating ball flights.

It’s vital to consider your swing speed, attack angle, and other individual swing characteristics when choosing a loft.

Pros and Cons of Different Loft Configurations for Different Swing Speeds and Playing Styles

Everyone’s golf swing and style of play are unique. As such, the loft that works for Dustin Johnson might not work for everyone.


  • Using a higher loft can provide more forgiveness and distance, beneficial for amateur players or those with slower swing speeds.
  • Low loft drivers can lead to lower spinning shots, leading to increased distance for players with higher swing speeds.


  • High loft drivers might result in shorter distances for players with high swing speeds due to excessive ball spin.
  • Lower lofted drivers might cause difficulties in getting the ball in the air for slow swingers, resulting in shorter carry distances.

In conclusion, understanding your swing characteristics and experimenting with different lofts will help find the perfect driver for your game. Duplicating Dustin Johnson’s loft configuration might not bring the same results unless you have a similar swing profile.

Remember, the key is finding what works best for you!

Key to Success

Mastering the key to success lies in honing your driving technique and delivery on the golf course. One crucial aspect that can greatly impact your performance is optimizing the loft of your driver. Understanding the advantages of loft adjustment and its impact on ball flight is essential for achieving both control and distance off the tee.

The loft of a driver plays a significant role in determining the trajectory and spin of your shots. A higher loft will generally result in a higher ball flight with more backspin, while a lower loft produces a lower trajectory with less spin. By adjusting the loft to suit your swing characteristics and desired shot shape, you can optimize both control and distance.

For example, if you tend to hit high-spinning shots that balloon in the air, increasing the loft can help reduce spin and promote a more penetrating ball flight. On the other hand, if you struggle to get enough carry distance or desire a higher launch angle, decreasing the loft may be beneficial.

Finding the right balance between control and distance through proper loft adjustment is crucial for maximizing your potential off the tee. Experimenting with different lofts during practice sessions can provide valuable insights into how each setting affects your ball flight.

By understanding how adjustments in loft can influence your driving performance, you’ll be able to fine-tune your setup to suit various course conditions and personal preferences. The next section will explore my personal opinion on this matter without skipping a beat.

Personal opinion

To optimize your driving performance, it’s important to understand the impact of loft adjustment on ball flight. By finding the right balance, you can achieve both control and distance off the tee. Did you know that increasing the loft can reduce spin and promote a more penetrating ball flight? Let’s take a closer look at Dustin Johnson’s driver preference and how loft plays a crucial role in his success.

Dustin Johnson currently uses a TaylorMade SIM driver with 10.5 degrees of loft. This loft allows him to maximize his driving distance while still maintaining control over his shots. For amateur golfers looking to find the best loft for their game, it’s essential to consider factors such as swing speed, launch angle, and spin rate.

Here is a table that showcases the impact of different driver lofts on driving distance:

Loft (degrees) Average Distance (yards)
9 290-310
10.5 270-290
12 250-270

As you can see, choosing the right loft can make a significant difference in your driving distance. It’s crucial to work with a professional club fitter or PGA pro to determine the optimal loft for your swing characteristics.

Understanding how loft affects your driving performance is key to improving your game off the tee. By finding the best loft for your swing, you can increase both control and distance, just like Dustin Johnson does with his preferred driver setup.

Conclusion-What Driver Loft Does Dustin Johnson Use?

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve your driving game, take a page out of Dustin Johnson’s book. His choice of the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver with a loft of 10.5 degrees has proven to be successful on the course.

One interesting statistic that stands out is the driver’s ability to produce outstanding ball speed, carry, and total distance while maintaining forgiveness and efficient energy transfer at impact.

This combination of power and control is what sets Dustin Johnson apart from his competitors and makes him one of the top drivers on the PGA Tour.

So why not give it a try and see how this driver can elevate your game?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the loft of Dustin Johnson’s current driver?

Dustin Johnson’s current driver loft is 10.5 degrees. He prefers the TaylorMade SIM driver model with this loft, which allows him to optimize his driving accuracy and distance off the tee.

How does Dustin Johnson select his driver models?

Dustin Johnson’s driver selection process involves being open-minded and testing different options. He considers factors like player-driver compatibility and ultimately settles on a model that suits his swing characteristics.

What are the specifications of Dustin Johnson’s driver?

Dustin Johnson’s driver loft, specifications, and selection process are fascinating topics for golf enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the details of his driver setup and discover how he maximizes distance and control off the tee.

What is Dustin Johnson’s driving technique and delivery?

Dustin Johnson’s driving technique and delivery are characterized by a closed face at impact, allowing him to hit controlled fades off the tee. His ball speed can reach up to 188 mph, but he often opts for fairway-finders at around 179-180 mph for better control. He excels in hitting teed-down cuts that carry around 300 yards and run. Johnson’s collaboration with TaylorMade’s VP of Tour Operations, Keith Sbarbaro, ensures that his driver setup maximizes distance and control, highlighting the importance of proper fitting and understanding one’s own swing mechanics.

How does Dustin Johnson collaborate with TaylorMade’s VP of Tour Operations?

Dustin Johnson’s collaboration with TaylorMade’s VP of Tour Operations, Keith Sbarbaro, is a masterclass in equipment customization. Through the collaboration process, they discuss performance feedback and make precise adjustments to optimize his driver setup for maximum distance and control.

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