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Throwback Pro Swings for Comeback With Homemade Persimmon Woods

Pro Swings for Comeback With Homemade Persimmon Woods

Step into the world of Todd Demsey’s throwback pro swings and witness the artistry of his homemade persimmon woods.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Demsey is making a comeback on the PGA Tour, armed with the belief that these classic clubs possess an unparalleled power and connection.

In a time where technology reigns supreme, Demsey’s defiance sets him apart, as he embraces the traditional charm of persimmon.

His bag boasts a fairway wood and a putter, but it is his self-built persimmon driver that steals the show.

Through challenges and setbacks, Demsey’s unwavering passion for persimmon clubs fuels his quest for glory.

Join us as we delve into his journey, exploring the joy and nostalgia that come with swinging these timeless clubs.

Key Takeaways

  • Todd Demsey used homemade persimmon clubs in the final round of PGA Tour Champions Qualifying.
  • Demsey believes that persimmon clubs give him a better feel and connection to his equipment.
  • He built his own persimmon driver, but it was not approved for competition due to the principle of having to pay for testing.
  • Demsey was introduced to golf at a young age and started playing with persimmon clubs at the age of 10, excelling in the sport throughout high school and college.

Todd Demsey’s Persimmon Club Journey

During Todd Demsey’s journey with persimmon clubs, you embarked on a unique and personal exploration of the sport.

Demsey, a professional golfer, chose to use homemade persimmon clubs in the final round of PGA Tour Champions Qualifying. He believed that these clubs provided him with a better feel and connection to his equipment, giving him an edge on the course.

In his bag, he’d a fairway wood and a putter made from persimmon. While he built his own persimmon driver, it wasn’t approved for competition. Demsey resisted getting it approved due to the principle of having to pay for testing.

This marked the beginning of his journey with persimmon clubs, a journey rooted in his love for the game and his desire to challenge the status quo.

Demsey’s Resistance to Technological Advancements

As you delve into Todd Demsey’s journey with persimmon clubs, you’ll discover his steadfast resistance to the rapid technological advancements in golf equipment. Demsey’s perspective on technology and the changing landscape of golf equipment is one of defiance and determination.

Here are three key reasons behind Demsey’s resistance:

  1. Preserving the integrity of the game: Demsey believes that the constant upgrading of equipment cheats the essence of golf. He sees the arms race in golf equipment as a betrayal of the game’s core values.
  2. Nostalgia and connection: Using persimmon clubs allows Demsey to reconnect with his childhood memories of playing golf with his father. The feel and connection to the equipment are more important to him than the distance advantage provided by modern clubs.
  3. Challenging conventional wisdom: Demsey’s resistance to technological advancements is also a rebellion against the pressure to conform. He chooses to go against the grain and prove that success in golf isn’t solely dependent on the latest equipment.

In a world driven by progress and innovation, Demsey’s resistance to technological advancements in golf equipment stands as a powerful statement of his unwavering dedication to the game.

Setbacks and Comeback in Demsey’s Golf Career

You faced numerous challenges and setbacks in your golf career, but you never let them extinguish your determination to make a comeback. Despite experiencing back issues and a brain tumor diagnosis that required surgery and recovery time, you made a comeback to the Tour in 2008. However, the grind and travel took a toll on your enjoyment of the game, leading you to leave tournament golf behind and focus on teaching juniors and building persimmon clubs. During this time, you drove a van for your wife’s work and had the opportunity to watch your children grow up. But the desire to test yourself again in competition led you to participate in the PGA Tour Champions Q-school. Your setbacks only fueled your determination to succeed, and now you’re ready to make your mark once again.

Setbacks Comeback
Back issues Returned to the Tour in 2008
Brain tumor diagnosis Focus on teaching and building persimmon clubs
Grind and travel taking a toll Participated in PGA Tour Champions Q-school
Leaving tournament golf Determination to make a mark once again

In the face of adversity, you never gave up on your dreams. Your setbacks have only fueled your determination to succeed. Now, armed with homemade persimmon woods and a renewed passion for the game, you are ready to write the next chapter of your golf career. Get ready for a comeback that will leave everyone in awe.

The Joy and Nostalgia of Persimmon Clubs

Regularly, using persimmon clubs brings you joy and nostalgia, connecting you to cherished memories of playing golf with your father. The unmistakable sound of the ball striking the wooden clubhead takes you back to a simpler time, when golf was about the love of the game and the bond between you and your dad.

As you swing the persimmon club, you feel a sense of power and control, knowing that you’re relying on your skill and technique rather than the latest technology. It’s a reminder that golf isn’t just about distance and numbers, but about the joy and nostalgia that comes from playing with a club that holds so many memories.

Using persimmon clubs allows you to embrace the history and tradition of the game, giving you a deeper appreciation for golf’s timeless allure.


In a world obsessed with modern technology, Todd Demsey’s throwback approach to golf is a refreshing reminder of the beauty found in tradition.

By embracing the artistry of homemade persimmon woods, Demsey hasn’t only reconnected with his equipment but also with the joy and nostalgia of the game.

With unwavering passion and a determination to avoid unnecessary testing costs, Demsey’s comeback on the PGA Tour is sure to be a memorable one.

As the saying goes, sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

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