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How Many Golf Courses are in LA County?

How many golf courses are in LA County?

When it comes to golfing destinations in America, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more golfer-friendly area than Los Angeles County. From the sun-soaked beaches and swaying palm trees to the sprawling metropolis and iconic Hollywood sign, Los Angeles County is a vibrant awe-inspiring place that is also home to a treasure trove of high-quality golf courses.

There are 20 golf courses at 19 different locations across LA County.

Why Los Angeles County is known for its golf courses

Los Angeles County is particularly famous for its golf courses worldwide. Why, you may ask? First of all, it’s the climate; LA County’s mild, Mediterranean weather provides virtually year-round golfing opportunities. There’s nothing like basking in the soothing California sun while enjoying a lovely round of golf.

Secondly, it’s about the golf courses themselves. There are approximately 123 golf courses in Los Angeles County. These courses range from upscale, top-tier clubs to public courses that cater to golfers of all skill levels. Some of the most notable ones include Riviera Country Club, host to the annual Genesis Invitational, and Los Angeles Country Club, site of the 2023 U.S. Open.

Thirdly, you also have variety in LA County. That’s right, the golf courses here are as diverse as they are plentiful, offering different terrains from seaside views to hilltop vistas. These dynamic courses add an extra layer of depth and challenge to your golfing experience.

Lastly, LA County’s golf courses generate a substantive economic impact. They boost some key sectors of LA’s economy, including tourism and real estate. This is clear from the sheer number of golf lovers who flock to LA County year after year for golf holidays.

Here’s a snapshot of the golfing scene in LA in the table below:

Features of LA County Golf courses Explanation
Number of golf courses Approximately 123 with a mix of private and public courses.
Notable golf courses Riviera Country Club and Los Angeles Country Club.
Variety Offers a diverse range of terrains from seaside views to hilltop vistas.
Economic impact Boosts key sectors of LA’s economy, including tourism and real estate.

To sum it up, whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to tackle the tees on a top-tier club or a novice seeking to improve your swing on an affordable public course, Los Angeles County has something to offer everyone. With over a hundred golf courses to choose from, matching your skill level, preference, and budget, LA County is truly golfers’ paradise. Just imagine teeing off with the legendary Hollywood sign in the backdrop – that’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss!

Los Angeles County Golf Course System

How many golf courses are in LA County?
How many golf courses are in LA County?

Imagine standing amid perfectly manicured lawns, ready to hit your first shot of the day. Trees sway gently with the Pacific breeze, framing the postcard-perfect view of sunny California. Welcome to the Los Angeles County Golf system – the largest and busiest public golf system in the nation.

Overview of the largest and busiest public golf course system in the nation

The Los Angeles County’s golf system is truly a wonder – a network of lush public courses that provide close-to-nature experiences. With a wide range of terrains, varying course complexities, and designs that cater to golfers of all skill levels, the system is among the busiest, catering to local golf enthusiasts and visitors alike.

Number of golf courses and sites

You might be curious to know how many golf courses we are talking about. The grand Los Angeles County offers 20 golf courses at 19 different sites, giving you plenty of choices to perfect that swing. From beginners to experts, there’s course for everyone. What better place to tee off, improve your game, or enjoy a friendly match on a pleasant day?

Acquisition and development history

The proliferation of public golf courses in LA County is not by chance but a result of meticulous planning, acquisition and development with a vivid vision.

The history dates back to 1923 and since then,their collection of golf courses has steadily grown. Each golf course has a unique history, contributing to the rich diversity and charm of the golf offerings in LA County.

Symbol of public-private partnership

But what’s even more remarkable is that this flourishing golf system is a shining example of public-private collaboration. A robust partnership between the LA County and private entities has led to the enrichment of these golf courses – from development, management to maintenance activities, local businesses contribute significantly. This cooperation not only bolsters local economy but also enhances the golf experience for all.

Thus, with a perfect blend of pleasing landscapes, well-maintained amenities, and a variety in courses, golfing in LA County is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Here’s a table to summarize the LA County Golf Course System:

Aspect Details
Overview Los Angeles County Golf Course system is largest and busiest public system in the nation, catering to golfers at all levels.
Number There are 20 golf courses at 19 different locations across LA County.
Development Commencing in 1923, the public golf course system in LA County has grown over the years due to a strategic acquisition and development plan.
Partnership The success and growth of the golf course system are largely due to a robust public-private partnership, which stimulates local economy and enhances golf offerings.

Locations and Features of LA County Golf Courses

If you’re a golf enthusiast, LA County promises an unforgettable experience across an array of diverse golf courses. As you tee off in this beautiful region, you’re not just limited to acres of manicured greens. The county is rich in a variety of settings and landscapes that enhance your golfing journey.

Exploring the variety of settings and landscapes

Blessed with a variety of settings and landscapes, LA County offers up to 19 public golf courses. Imagine playing a round surrounded by towering mountains, breezy coastlines, or even within the buzzing cityscape. You have a plethora of golf courses to choose from, each with its peculiar allure and challenges.

Foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains

Imagine taking on a 36-hole course, nestled within the foothills of the breathtaking San Gabriel Mountains. That’s precisely what you’ll experience in the famed Angeles National Golf Club, the only Nicklaus Design golf course in LA County.

In the East of the county lies the majestic San Dimas Canyon Golf Course, known for its serene setting and wildlife. Here, it’s not uncommon to share your golf rounds with a host of fascinating wild creatures, from peacocks to deer.

Coastline overlooking the Pacific Ocean

For those who crave an ocean view, the posh Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes is your pick. The sprawling 18-hole course overlooks the picturesque Pacific Ocean, offering an unmatched coastal golfing experience.

Meanwhile, the Chester Washington Golf Course in the heart of metropolitan Los Angeles presents a unique balance between urban landscapes and golfing greens.

To summarize, LA County is sure to delight you with its many golf courses spread across its diverse landscape:

Course Name Location
Angeles National Golf Club In the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.
San Dimas Canyon Golf Course Also in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, featuring plenty of natural wildlife.
Trump National Golf Club A lavish 18-hole course on the coastline of Rancho Palos Verdes, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Chester Washington Golf Course Centrally located, presenting a unique balance of urban and green spaces.

So, whether you’re an advanced golfer or just testing the waters, LA County’s golf courses provide an unforgettable experience set against a beautiful backdrop. Enjoy the unique blend of golfing experiences that few regions can match.

Event Planning and Rental Information

Picture this: you’re in sunny Los Angeles County with a mission to plan an unforgettable event on one of its many golf courses. With an astounding number of more than 150 golf courses in LA County, the choice might be more challenging than you initially thought. But, don’t worry! The process is more exciting than it seems and can be broken down into a few straightforward steps.

Contacting the Facilities for Event Needs

First things first, you need to reach out to the golf course facilities to inquire about event services. With the diversity of golf clubs, like the lavish Los Angeles Country Club or the historic Griffith Park Golf Course, you’re spoiled for choice. Reach out through emails, phone calls or their website form to gather the information you need.

Direct Communication with Chosen Facility

Once you shortlisted a few potential venues, it’s important to commence direct communication with them. You can dig deeper into specifics like course layouts, the kind of events they usually host, and their ability to cater to your unique needs. This kind of information can be crucial when deciding between various venues.

Availability of Locations and Rental Fees

Next on your checklist, check the availability of your potential venues on your desired date and note the rental fees. These details are often best clarified directly with the venue, over the phone or email. Don’t forget to consider what’s included in the rental price, like table linen, chairs, or golfing equipment, to ensure it aligns with your event needs.

Factors Influencing Selection (number of attendees, meals, etc.)

In choosing the final venue, quite a few factors play a significant role. Size of your guest list, type of meals (buffet or sit-down dinner), and the type of event (casual or formal) are all key points to consider. The desired ambiance for your event is also a crucial determinant – a seaside golf course might be perfect for a casual, fun-filled team-building event, while a luxurious private course might better suit a high-profile corporate meeting. Always pay attention to these details while making your choice.

Step Tips
Contact the Facilities for Event Needs Email, phone call, or website contact forms are useful.
Direct Communication with Chosen Facility Dig deeper into the specifics of the course layouts and capacity for your event.
Check Availability of Locations and Rental Fees Confirm your desired date and understand what’s included in the rental price.
Consider Influencing Factors in Final Selection Keep in mind the number of attendees, meal preferences, type and ambiance of the event while making the final decision for your golf course venue.

As you proceed, remember that good communication and thorough research are your best allies. So embark on this exciting journey of picking the perfect golf course for your event in LA County, and enjoy the ride!

Golf Courses near Los Angeles

Every golf enthusiast knows that golf isn’t just a sport; it’s an experience. And what makes the experience even better? Spectacular golf courses, of course! You, as an amateur or professional, deserve to know what the golf scene is like in and around Los Angeles.

Expanding the options beyond LA County

Ready to explore beyond the boundaries of LA County? Be ready to be spoilt for choices as areas surrounding LA present an assortment of golf courses. From the sun-drenched Palm Desert in Coachella Valley, welcoming you with over 100 golf courses, to San Diego County, boasting of more than 90 golf-based arenas, the options are near limitless.

Total number of golf courses within proximity

Are you keen on quantity? Well, then you’d be pleased to know that according to a Los Angeles Times article dating back to 2015, there were approximately 19 golf courses in LA county. Though this number may have changed slightly, it provides a rough estimate of the vast golfing opportunities this region has. And let’s not forget the close to 200 more in the surrounding counties!

Municipal, public, and private courses available

In search of variety? Generously sprinkled throughout LA County are diverse types of golf courses to fit different preferences and budgets. City-run municipal courses like Harding and Wilson in Griffith Park provide affordable options while renowned country clubs like the Riviera and Los Angeles Country Club serve up more exclusive and luxurious experiences. Public courses such as Angeles National offer premium quality golf at reasonable costs.

Highlighting the oldest and longest courses

Enjoy a slice of history? The iconic Annandale Golf Club, established in 1906, remains one of the oldest golf courses and a crown jewel in Pasadena’s history. If you’re all about the challenge of lengthy courses, head to the journey-worthy Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Resort. You’ll find two 18 hole golf courses, impressively lengthy, presenting a unique challenge to each player.

Clearly, golf lovers are bound to be overwhelmed with the vast choice and remarkable quality of golf courses at their disposal in and around Los Angeles. Whether it’s a grand tour of golfing in the SoCal region or just a quick round after work, there’s a place for you. Perfect swings, breathtaking views, and a whole lot of fun await you on the fairways of Los Angeles!



Golf enthusiasts, you are in for a treat! With an estimated 139 golf courses in Los Angeles County according to the Oregonian, you are not short on options when it comes to getting your swings in.

Just consider it, 139 beautifully maintained greens spread across a privileged landscape teeming with a variety of landscapes, backdrops, and city views. Pause for a moment to appreciate the sheer concentration of golfing opportunities that await your exploration.

Appreciation for the golfing opportunities in Los Angeles County

Yes, it’s a golfer’s paradise! The myriad of golfing locales caters to a diverse spectrum of golfers. From the lush fairways of the San Gabriel Valley to the ocean-side splendor of Long Beach, each course offers a unique blend of challenge and delight that underscores why Los Angeles County keeps golfers coming back for more.

Importance of the County’s golf course system

Think of it; each golf course is a jigsaw puzzle piece that contributes to the grand tapestry that is Los Angeles County’s golfing scene. Collectively, these courses are instrumental in promoting the sport, bolstering tourism, and encouraging community interaction. But their value transcends beyond this.

They play a pivotal role from an ecological standpoint too, serving as green spaces that support local flora and fauna while offering respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Note: The factual data provided is limited and does not have sufficient information for a comprehensive blog post. Additional research is recommended to create a more detailed and informative content.

On this note, it’s worth mentioning that while the figure of 139 golf courses provides a ballpark estimation, the precise number may vary based on the definition of a course, changes over time, closures, renovations, or new constructions.

In concluding, you, golf enthusiasts, have a paradise in Los Angeles County ready for exploration, enjoyment, and certainly for golfing! Whether you aspire to conquer challenging courses, prefer the tranquility of a well-maintained green or seek the scenic beauty of the coastline, Los Angeles County’s golf courses offer something for everyone. But remember, it’s not all about par and birdie; it’s also about appreciating the sport, the community it brings together, and the therapeutic wonders of nature.

So, stay vigilant, golf lover! You should infuse appreciation into every swing, every drive, and every putt while golfing in Los Angeles County. Be part of the continuity, and relish in the evolution of a golfing powerhouse that has been bred not just in quantity but undeniably in quality. Happy Golfing!

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