It is important to ensure that you are holding the club in a way that allows you to have control over its movement and helps optimize your performance on the course.

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Start by positioning the club in your non-dominant hand (left hand for right-handed golfers, right hand for left-handed golfers). The grip should be positioned at the base of your fingers, just above the knuckles. The club's shaft should run diagonally across your palm.

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Wrap your fingers around the grip, making sure that your palm is facing towards the target. The thumb of your non-dominant hand should be slightly to the right of the center of the grip (for right-handed golfers) or slightly to the left (for left-handed golfers).

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Once you have a secure grip with your non-dominant hand, place your dominant hand on the club. The grip of your dominant hand should also be positioned at the base of your fingers, just above the knuckles. The thumb of your dominant hand should rest against the lifeline of your non-dominant hand, creating a "V" shape between your thumb and index finger.

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Your grip pressure should be firm but not overly tight. A grip that is too tight can restrict your swing and affect your overall control. Maintain a relaxed grip while still ensuring a secure hold on the club.

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Take a moment to check the alignment of your hands. They should be working together as a unit, with both hands pointing towards the target. Avoid having your dominant hand dominate the grip, as this can lead to inconsistencies in your swing.

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. Lastly, ensure that your wrists are neither too firm nor too loose. A slight hinge in your wrists will allow for better power and control during your swing.

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Regular practice and feedback from a golf instructor can also help refine your grip technique for optimal performance on the golf course.

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Remember, the correct grip may take some practice to perfect. Experiment with different hand positions and grip pressures until you find what works best for your swing