However, here are eight general points to consider when assessing what constitutes a good golf score for 9 holes:

Par for the Course: The par score for a 9-hole golf course typically ranges from 27 to 36, with most courses having a par of 35 or 36. A good score is often close to or just under par.

Skill Level: Your own skill level plays a significant role in determining what's considered a good score.

For beginners, shooting around par or slightly above may be commendable, while experienced golfers aim for scores below par.

Course Difficulty: Some courses are more challenging than others due to factors like length, hazards, and green undulation.

Consistency: Scoring consistently well over several rounds is an indicator of skill. A good score should reflect your ability to maintain a consistent level of play.

Handicap Index: Golfers often use their handicap index to gauge performance. A good score should be in line with your handicap, which adjusts your expected performance based on your skill level.

Improvement: As you progress in your golf game, your definition of a good score should evolve. Continually striving to improve your scores is a key aspect of the sport.

Relative Performance: Compare your score to those of other players on the same course and tee box. Being competitive within your peer group is a good benchmark.

Enjoyment: Ultimately, golf should be enjoyable. If you had a fun and satisfying round, regardless of the score, that's a good outcome.

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