What are some of the new technologies being used in golf

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New Era of Irons: Golf companies are creating a new era of irons by combining materials strategically to maximize distance, forgiveness, and feel

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Augmented Reality Golf Glasses: The introduction of augmented reality golf glasses is one of the latest technologies in golf, offering players a new way to experience the game

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Golf Simulators: Golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular, allowing players to practice their game indoors

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GPS and Rangefinders: GPS and rangefinders are being used to help golfers improve their game, with products like the Bushnell Phantom GPS and TGW Phoenix Slope Rangefinder

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Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is being used to analyze a player's swing and terrain to enable 3D modeling by architects pursuing better golf course design

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Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is essential for growth in the golf industry, as it can make golf more appealing to new players and fans around the world

These technologies suggest that golf is embracing the use of technology to improve the game and attract new players.