Here are some things about golf that vary rare people know:

– Golf is hundreds of years old. The earliest known golf courses were in Scotland in the 15th century.

– Golf was once banned in Scotland. In 1457, King James II banned golf because he believed it was interfering with military training.

– Golf balls were once made of feathers. Before the invention of the rubber-cored golf ball in the early 1900s, golf balls were made of feathers.

– The term "fore" was originally used to warn golfers of danger. The term comes from the Old English word "foran," which means "before."

– Jack Nicklaus has won the most major championships in golf history. Nicklaus has won 18 major championships, including a record six Masters Tournaments.

– Ben Hogan was one of the greatest golfers of all time. Hogan overcame a near-fatal car accident to win nine major championships.

– Winning the Masters Tournament is considered the most difficult achievement in golf. Only 51 golfers have ever won the Masters, and only four have won it multiple times.

– Seve Ballesteros was one of the most popular golfers of all time. Ballesteros won 90 tournaments worldwide, including five major championships.

– Phil Mickelson is a left-handed golfer. Mickelson is one of only five left-handed golfers to have won a major championship.

– The average golfer loses about 50 golf balls per year. That's a lot of lost balls!

– Island greens are notoriously difficult to putt on. Island greens are greens that are surrounded by water. They are very difficult to putt on because there is no margin for error.

– Scratch golf is a very rare achievement. Scratch golfers are golfers who have a handicap of zero. This means that they are able to consistently shoot par or better.

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