Proper Golf Attire For Ladies

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Wear a collared shirt or a golf polo with sleeves. Sleeveless tops are generally acceptable, but it's advisable to check the specific dress code of the golf course.

Collared Shirt or Golf Polo

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1. Opt for golf-specific skirts, shorts, or pants. Make sure they are of an appropriate length—usually knee-length or longer for shorts and skirts.

Golf Skirts, Shorts, or Pants

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A belt is a functional and stylish accessory that complements your golf attire. Choose a belt that matches your outfit and helps keep your bottoms in place


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Wear golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless soles. They provide traction and stability on the golf course, ensuring a proper swing

Golf Shoes

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Choose ankle-length or longer socks that complement your outfit and are suitable for the weather. No-show socks are generally acceptable as well.


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If you choose to wear a hat or visor, make sure it is designed for golf and is in good condition. It can also provide protection from the sun


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Apply sunscreen to exposed skin and consider wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. It's essential to stay protected from the sun during your round

Sun Protection

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Many golfers wear gloves to improve grip. Choose a golf glove that fits comfortably and complements your overall attire


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Stick to conservative and solid colors or subtle patterns. Avoid overly flashy or loud designs, especially if the golf course has a more traditional dress code

Conservative Colors and Patterns

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