Jay Monahan, PGA Tour commissioner, faced a challenging situation as he stepped away due to undisclosed health issues, compounded by controversies surrounding the Tour's deal with the Saudi Arabian government.

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 The agreement with Saudi Arabia drew widespread criticism, including from Tour members and families of 9/11 victims, who felt used as pawns in a commercial dispute, potentially jeopardizing Monahan's career.

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The Tour has been criticized for a slow response to the Saudi-funded LIV league, with players constantly shifting demands and causing complications for Monahan and his team.

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Prominent players threatened to join LIV unless their demands were met, leading to an unsustainable compensation model for the PGA Tour without outside investment.

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Patrick Cantlay, a player advocating against the Saudi deal, seeks to rally players against it and those supporting it, not based on moral concerns but rather his personal interests and leverage over the Tour.

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Cantlay's objections have gained little traction among players so far, as his interests do not align with the broader membership, who prioritize maximizing financial benefits.

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Players are more upset about the decision-making process rather than the policy itself, as details of the agreement have yet to be disclosed.

The future of the PGA Tour remains uncertain, with reputations tarnished, the potential for more controversies, and Monahan's return uncertain as he contemplates the unenviable task of meeting players' inflated demands.