Golf can be an expensive sport due to green fees, equipment, and accessories.

Golf expenses include one-time fees and recurring costs.

Green fees are a major yearly expense, with an example of $5,760 per year for playing twice a week at $60 per round.

Country club membership can offset some costs but comes with initiation fees and additional expenses.

Golf trips, especially to prestigious courses, can add up quickly due to high tee time and accommodation costs.

Tournament entry fees can make golf even more expensive, often exceeding the price of a regular round. 

Range ball prices have increased in recent years, adding to practice costs.

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Equipment expenses, including clubs, balls, and accessories, are the second-largest cost in golf.

To save money in golf, consider playing during off-peak times, inquire about passes, buy used clubs, sell old equipment, and budget carefully for golf trips and tournaments.

How Are Golf Carts Made?

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