Here are best practices for golf cart maintenance:

Regularly charge batteries. Charge golf cart batteries after each usage, even if you used them briefly. This prolongs battery life.

Keep batteries clean. Golf cart batteries get dust and filth. Keep them clean to avoid corrosion and other issues. Battery cleaning with a bristle brush and baking soda and water.

Keep batteries hydrated. Flooded lead-acid batteries need irrigation. Check your battery water level monthly and add distilled water if needed. Avoid overfilling batteries.

Check golf cart tyre inflation and wear. Tyre pressure should be checked monthly and inflated per manufacturer's instructions. Look for cracks, bulges, and other deterioration on tyres.

 Regularly inspect golf cart brakes for wear. Unreliable brakes can be dangerous. You or a mechanic can inspect your golf cart's brakes.

 Golf cart axles, bearings, and suspension parts move. These parts should be lubricated regularly to avoid wear. 

Golf carts need regular cleaning to remove dust and grime. It will prevent rusting and other issues. Wash your golf cart using a hose and soap.

Regular golf cart maintenance should be done by a skilled mechanic in addition to your own work. This will keep your golf cart in good

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