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Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Rangefinder Review 2023- SCAM?

Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder Review

Gogogo Sport Vpro Rangefinder Review

Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Rangefinder Review 2023- Today I’ll be sharing my review of the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder. As an avid golfer, I was looking for a rangefinder that could enhance my game and provide accurate distance measurements. After trying out this rangefinder, here’s what I liked and didn’t like about it.

Gogogo Rangefinder Pros and Cons

Affordable price tag compared to premium brands. Lacks some advanced functions.
Excellent performance on par with leading brands. Maybe hard to get replacement parts.
Latest tech features like ARC, slope, and flag lock.
Multi-coated lenses.
The “TL” version comes tournament-ready.
Attractive case and accessories included.
1-year warranty.


What We Liked

  1. Revolutionary Features: The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 comes with amazing features like strong internal magnets, one-button slope on/off, and a convenient slope switch. These features make it a versatile rangefinder suitable for both official tournaments and practice sessions.
  2. Upgraded Ultra-Clear Sight: The upgraded ultra-clear display provides a super clear view, giving me more confidence in hitting the ball accurately. It has definitely improved my game score.
  3. Impressive Accuracy: The rangefinder has a high accuracy of +/- 1m and a magnification of 6x. The Pin-seeker can lock on to pins up to 150 yards away, while the Flag-Lock function works up to 300 yards. The JOLT Technology further enhances accuracy, ensuring consistent measurements.
  4. Reliable After-Service: Gogogo provides outstanding pre and after-sales customer service. Their prompt response to queries and a one-year warranty give me confidence in the product’s quality and their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  5. Easy to Use: The rangefinder is user-friendly and very straightforward. It is easy to operate with just one button, making it convenient to use on the golf course.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Fluctuations in Readings: While the Gogogo rangefinder provides detailed readings, I did notice slight fluctuations of about a yard or so with each measurement. It may not be as consistent as some higher-end models.
  2. Not Suitable for Foggy Conditions: Unlike some other models, the Gogogo rangefinder does not work well in foggy conditions. This limitation might be important to consider if you often play in foggy weather.

Quick Verdict

I highly recommend the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder for golfers of all skill levels. Its revolutionary features, impressive accuracy, and clear sight view greatly contribute to enhancing the game experience. The rangefinder is easy to use and comes with reliable after-service. While it may have slight fluctuations in readings and is not suitable for foggy conditions, these limitations are outweighed by its outstanding performance and affordability. If you’re looking for a quality rangefinder at a reasonable price, definitely give the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 a try.

You can find more information about the product and make a purchase here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder from Amazon. Being an avid golfer, I was in search of a reliable and accurate rangefinder to improve my game. I ordered the product on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery. It arrived at my doorstep within a couple of days.

Upon unboxing the product, I found the following items inside:


The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder has the following specifications:


The included instruction manual proved to be very helpful in understanding the features and operation of the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder. It provided clear instructions on how to use the rangefinder to accurately measure distances on the golf course. The user guide also explained the various modes and options available, such as the slope switch and flag-lock feature.

Features – What We Found

Revolutionary Features for Golfers

The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder comes equipped with the latest rich features that make it a standout choice for golfers. One of its key features is the strong internal magnets, which ensure secure attachment and easy carrying on the golf course. Additionally, it features a convenient one-button slope on/off function, allowing golfers to quickly switch between slope and non-slope modes.

A pro tip for golfers using this rangefinder is to take advantage of the slope function during practice sessions to gain a better understanding of how elevation changes affect distance and club selection. This knowledge can then be applied during official tournaments by simply turning off the slope function.

With these considerate design features, the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder caters to the needs of golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Tournament Legal & Practice Helper

This rangefinder offers a unique advantage as it is both tournament legal and serves as a valuable practice tool. By simply toggling the slope function on or off, golfers can use this rangefinder in any type of golfing scenario. When participating in an official tournament, the slope function can be turned off, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations. On the other hand, during practice sessions, the slope function can be enabled to gain a deeper understanding of course layout and improve one’s game.

To take advantage of this versatility, it’s important to know the rules and regulations of the golf course or tournament you are participating in. The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder provides golfers with the flexibility they need to enhance their skills and enjoyment of the game.

For more information and to purchase the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder, you can visit this Amazon link.

Upgraded Ultra-Clear Sight

Equipped with an upgraded ultra-clear display, the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder offers a superior view to help golfers improve their accuracy and confidence on the course. The crystal-clear visuals provided by this rangefinder make it easier to spot the target and accurately assess the distance to it.

With this enhanced clarity, golfers can make more precise shots, resulting in improved game scores. The upgraded display ensures that every detail is clearly visible, enabling golfers to make better-informed decisions about their shots and club selection.

Impressive Accuracy

The Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder boasts impressive accuracy, making it a reliable tool for golfers. With a range measurement capability of 5 to 650 yards and an accuracy of +/- 1m, this rangefinder provides precise distance calculations to help golfers plan their shots more effectively.

In addition, the Pin-Seeker feature allows for easy targeting of the flagstick at distances up to 150 yards, while the Flag-Lock feature enables golfers to lock onto the flag at distances up to 300 yards. These features help golfers accurately measure the distance to their target and improve their shot execution.

JOLT Technology further enhances the accuracy by providing a slight vibration when the rangefinder locks onto the target, ensuring confidence in the measurement.

100% Reliable After-Service

Gogogo Sport stands behind its products with outstanding pre- and after-sales customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder, their customer service team is available to assist you within 24 hours.

As a brand seller, Gogogo Sport is confident in the quality and performance of their products, which is why they offer a one-year warranty to provide customers with peace of mind. This commitment to reliability and exceptional after-service ensures a positive experience for every customer.

Concluding Thoughts

Our Score: 87.0

I recently purchased the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder and it has exceeded my expectations. The features of this rangefinder are truly revolutionary and perfect for golfers like me. The internal magnets make it easy to carry and use on the course, and the one-button slope on/off function is a thoughtful addition that allows me to switch between tournament legal mode and practice mode. Whether I’m playing in an official tournament or just practicing, this rangefinder suits all my needs.

One of the standout features of this rangefinder is its upgraded ultra-clear sight. The display is incredibly clear, providing me with a confident view of the course and helping me improve my game score. The accuracy of this rangefinder is also impressive, with a range measurement of 5-650 yards and a high accuracy of +/- 1m. The Pin-seeker feature is particularly helpful, allowing me to easily locate the pin from a distance of up to 150 yards.

Not only is the Gogogo Sport Vpro GS03 Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder packed with great features, but it also offers reliable after-service. I have experienced outstanding customer service from the brand, with quick responses to my questions within 24 hours. Additionally, the one-year warranty gives me confidence in the quality and durability of this product. If you’re looking for a high-quality rangefinder with advanced features at an affordable price, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

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