Golf Bags Unisex

Are Golf Bags Unisex? Discover the Versatility!

Unisex refers to things that are designed or suitable for either gender. The majority of golf bag models available today are considered unisex, which means that both men and women can use them. But it hasn’t always been that way.

Golf bags come in many shapes and sizes and serve the primary functions of organizing, protecting, and transporting golf clubs around the course. Features like capacity, strap type, pocket layout, style, and color all factor into whether a bag leans more masculine or feminine. With the rise of women’s golf, bags designed specifically for female golfers emerged, but now unisex designs dominate the market.

So are golf bags truly unisex? The short answer is yes, for the most part. But there are still some considerations for golfers when selecting a bag to ensure comfort, functionality and style for their individual needs.

History of Golf Bags

In the early history of golf, golf bags were designed solely with men in mind. Golf was an activity predominantly pursued by males at country clubs. Bag designs focused on function over form – sturdy leather construction, comfortable shoulder straps, and enough room for a full set of clubs. Little attention was paid to aesthetics or ease of use for female golfers.

It wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s that manufacturers started designing and marketing bags specifically for lady golfers. These bags were smaller and lighter to accommodate petite women’s frames. Shoulder straps were more narrow and colors trended feminine. Extra room for tee holders, brushes, mirrors and other accessories distinguished them from men’s bags.

By the late 1990s, gender-neutral golf bags emerged and dominated the market. Unisex bags blend functional elements important to both sexes in a stylish form with broad appeal. Though specifically women’s golf bags are still available today, most recreational and professional female players opt for unisex models.

Key Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Bags

Golf bags for men and women share many similarities in terms of their primary function, which is to carry and organize golf clubs and equipment. However, there are some key differences and considerations to take into account when comparing men’s and women’s golf bags:

  1. Size and Weight:

Women’s golf bags tend to be smaller and lighter than men’s bags. This is because women generally have smaller frames and may prefer a more compact and lightweight bag for easier carrying.

  1. Color and Design:

Women’s golf bags often feature more feminine designs and color options, such as pastel colors, floral patterns, or other decorative elements. Men’s bags are typically more conservative in design and color, with options like black, navy, or more neutral tones.

  1. Strap Design:

Women’s golf bags may have straps designed to better fit a woman’s body shape. They might have padded straps that are more comfortable for female golfers.

  1. Club Dividers:

Women’s golf bags may have dividers that are designed to accommodate clubs with shorter shafts. Women’s golf clubs are often shorter than men’s, so the bag’s dividers need to reflect this.

  1. Storage Pockets:

Both men’s and women’s golf bags have multiple storage pockets, but women’s bags might have compartments specifically designed to fit items like gloves, tees, or accessories that are more commonly used by female golfers.

  1. Weight Distribution:

Women’s bags may be designed to distribute weight more evenly, taking into account the strength and body mechanics of female golfers. This can improve overall comfort when carrying the bag.

  1. Handle Height:

The handle height for women’s golf bags may be adjusted to better suit a woman’s stature, making it easier to pick up and move the bag.

It’s important to note that not all golf bags are strictly categorized as “men’s” or “women’s.” Golf bag manufacturers are increasingly producing unisex or gender-neutral bags that can be used by anyone. The choice between a men’s or women’s golf bag often comes down to personal preferences in terms of size, weight, design, and color. Golfers should select a bag that suits their individual needs and style on the course.

Factors that Make Golf Bags Unisex

Golf Bags Unisex
Golf Bags Unisex

Several elements of modern golf bag design make them suitable for both men and women:


  • Unisex golf bags typically range from a Sunday carry size with 4-5 club capacity up to a full-size cart or stand bag holding a complete 14 club set and then some. Whether you carry a few wedges or load up on all your clubs, unisex bags have the space.

Straps and Handles

  • Dual backpack-style straps provide comfort and support for carrying, while integrated handles make lifting bags in and out of cars trunks easy. Women’s shoulders and hands are accommodated.

Pockets and Organization

  • From balls and tees to rangefinders, extra apparel and snacks, the abundance of pockets and dividers keep gear secure and within reach for all golfers.

Style and Colors

  • Whether classic like a staff bag or modern sporty designs, bags come in stylish shapes and features. Neutral color palettes appeal to men and women alike.

what unisex golf bags are made of?

Unisex golf bags today are constructed from a variety of durable, lightweight materials:

  • Nylon – Most common material used. Nylon is lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. Used for the bags’ outer construction as well as pocketing.
  • Polyester – Similar properties to nylon. Gives additional structure and durability to the bags. Often used to reinforce high-wear areas.
  • PVC – Used for water-resistant rain hoods/covers to keep clubs dry. Also sometimes used for pocketing.
  • Leather – Leather accents and trim pieces add style. Used minimally due to weight.
  • Plastic – Plastic clips, zippers, pulls, feet ect. are common. Sturdy but lightweight.
  • Carbon Fiber – Woven carbon fiber can replace metal stays for structural rigidity while reducing weight.
  • Foam – Used for padding shoulder straps, back supports, and hip pads for comfort when carrying.
  • Rubber – Rubber zipper pulls and grip patches for grab handles add durability.
  • Metal – Aluminum stays and hardware within bags reinforce shape and stand function.

So while early bags were made of heavy leather, unisex golf bags today utilize a range of synthetic fabrics, plastics, and lightweight metals to reduce weight while maintaining durability and functionality. Advanced materials make carrying or pushing all 18 holes possible.

Why Unisex Golf Bags Offer Advantages for All Golfers

Choosing a unisex golf bag over more gender-specific options offers some nice perks and conveniences for both male and female golfers.

  • Abundant Sizing Options – Unisex bags come in a wide range of sizes from minimalist carry bags to tour-sized cart bags. Golfers can find plenty of room for all their clubs and accessories.
  • Comfort and Adjustability – Features like dual padded backpack straps, adjustable chest clips, and lightweight construction make unisex bags comfortable for men and women to carry.
  • Enhanced Organization – With plenty of pockets and full-length club dividers, unisex bag designs keep gear neatly stowed and clubs protected from clanging together.
  • Shared Convenience – Couples can share a unisex bag when playing together instead of buying his-and-hers bags. Families can pass down bags too.
  • Versatile Styling – Modern unisex bags offer sporty silhouettes and color combos that appeal to both guys and gals. Plenty of options suit both tastes.
  • Cost Savings – Not having to invest in multiple gender-specific bags saves money that can be spent on other gear. Unisex bags are a smart investment.

So while early golf bags were more gender defined, unisex designs now offer versatility, convenience and styling that works for just about any golfer.

Disadvantages of Unisex Golf Bags

However, unisex golf bags do have some drawbacks:

  • May Not Fit Petite Women – Large stand bags can be unwieldy on smaller body types. Shorter torsos make taller bags uncomfortable to carry.
  • Lack Feminine Styles – If you prefer ultra-feminine bag designs in bright prints, girly silhouettes and colors, unisex styles leave something to be desired.
  • Don’t Accommodate Male/Female Differences – Features aren’t optimized for physical differences between the sexes in areas like strap placement and pocket access.

Tips for Choosing a Unisex Golf Bag

To select a unisex golf bag optimized for your needs and comfort, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider Your Size and Strength – Opt for lighter carry bags with adjustable dual straps if you have a smaller build or strength limitations. Or choose sturdy cart bags you can ride in.
  • Prioritize Needed Features – Decide must-have functionality like full length dividers, cooler pockets, external putter wells, etc. and choose a bag that has them.
  • Select Neutral Colors – While black, white and gray bags are common, brown, blue and green offer versatility too. Colorful accent trim and piping adds personality.
  • Customize with Accessories: Pick balls and headcovers, bag tags, towels and other accessories in fun feminine colors and prints to spice up a neutral bag.

Some Best Unisex Golf Bags Examples

Here is a list of some of the best unisex golf bags currently available:


Model Description Features Color Options Weight
Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Ultra lightweight carry bag perfect for walking the course. Comes in 6 color options. Lightweight, 6 color options Multiple Not specified
Titleist Hybrid 14 Dual strap stand bag with ample storage and sleek, professional styling. Available in 7 colors. Dual strap, ample storage, 7 color options Multiple Not specified
Ping Hoofer Lite This popular bag balances lightweight comfort and ample storage with 11 pockets. Lightweight, 11 pockets, various colors Multiple Not specified
TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover Innovative crossover bag that can be carried or used on a cart. 14-way top and 9 pockets. Crossover design, 14-way top, 9 pockets Multiple Not specified
Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag Full-featured cart bag with 14-way club organization, cooler pocket, and 12 total pockets. Cart bag, 14-way club organization Multiple 5.3 lbs
Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag A top seller with tons of pockets, magnetic rangefinder docking, and cart-friendly features. Cart bag, many pockets, cart-friendly Multiple Not specified


What Unisex Bag I Personally Use?

After testing out several unisex golf bags this year, I’ve settled on the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero as my go-to bag for the foreseeable future. For my needs as a walker who carries my bag the majority of rounds, this bag really hits the sweet spot.

Weighing in at under 3 pounds, the Hyper-Lite Zero lives up to its name and is incredibly lightweight – even lighter than other popular carry bags. The lightweight build combined with the comfortable dual strap system makes it feel featherlight on my shoulders even when fully loaded up with clubs, gear and a jacket or two.

I’m impressed by how much storage capacity Callaway packed into such a minimalist bag. The 6-way top is perfect for my set of clubs, and the ample pockets and dividers keep me organized. Small touches like the removable ball pocket and valuables pocket are handy perks.

The bag also stands sturdily on the built-in X-Act Fit stand system when I need it to. But it’s so effortless to carry, I find myself strapping it right back onto my shoulders.

For my needs as a walker, I can’t imagine finding a better Sunday-style carry bag than the Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero. It has everything I need while eliminating any excess weight or bulk. The comfort and performance has me sold on this bag for seasons to come!


While early golf bags were designed for male players only, the rise in women’s golf led to feminine golf bags and now most bags on the market are unisex. Unisex golf bags offer benefits like suitability for either sex, wide selection and versatility. But petite women may still be better served by bags made just for them. Golfers should consider their size, needs and preferences when selecting a unisex golf bag. With all the options available today, you’re sure to find one perfect for you no matter your gender.


Are there golf bags designed just for women?

Yes, women’s golf bags are still produced by some manufacturers. They are smaller with narrower strap widths and feminine colors and designs. However, most recreational players opt for the versatility of unisex bags.

What features make a golf bag unisex?

Unisex golf bags have neutral styling with size, straps, pocket layouts and colors suitable for both men and women. They offer a range of sizes and features to meet most golfers’ needs.

Do pro golfers use unisex bags?

Yes, even pro golfers predominantly use unisex golf bags. They allow pros to carry plenty of gear and spare clubs needed for tournaments. Carts bags with tour branding are popular.

Should couples share a golf bag?

Sharing a unisex golf bag can be convenient and economical for couples that golf together often. But serious golfers will still prefer the customized fit and club organization of their own bag.

Are carry bags or cart bags more unisex?

Cart bags tend to be the most unisex since they don’t need to be carried. But lightweight carry bags with good supportive dual straps work well for men and women too.

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